How to Map the Future is a game system for facilitating analogue and digital workshops by using predefined scenarios to simulate when and where to innovate based on your own business intelligence and company strategy.

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How to Map the Future is built upon the ExO Framework made available through Open ExO in itself is crated by Salim Ismael, author of "Exponential Organisations" and a renowned advocate for a positive mindset towards technological driven change and how we use it to conquer our global grand challenges.

Your organisation is under attack! Simulate how to innovate by letting your business intelligence come to life.

You are stuck with stranded assets. Which ones shall you defend and which ones must you let go? Let the games begin!

Learn what it would be like to be a startup again, in a whole new market with none of the legacy on the very edge of the map.

This Scenario helps you and your team achieve alignment around what external change forces (exponential technologies, disruptive business models and global trends) are most impactful to you organisation. This is business intelligence come to life and the scenario culminates in a strategic simulation of where to respond with Edge and Core innovation initiatives.

In this scenario you focus on how to defend your organisation with Core initiatives. You decide which assets that will become stranded due to disruption and which ones can be revitalised through innovation. This is a game of triage where you simulate which losses to cut in order to transform an organisation under siege.

Here you go on the offensive, simulating how and where to deploy your Edge initiatives far away from your organisations core. Out here, on the periphery of your current industry you get to be a startup again. Use this scenario to formulate a robust innovation hypothesis and simulate the trials your initiative will face out here in the new market, far away from home.

Sebastian Sjöberg

Fredrik Andrén